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        MARATHON                   CARING SUPERSTAR            + ON THE FRONT
        CHALLENGE                  68-year-old Mike Lanyon from

                                   Southampton found his true   Eco-friendly travel – page 8
                                   calling during the pandemic when
                                   he became a caregiver for local
                                   home care company, Home Instead
                                   Southampton. Mike demonstrates
                                   that you are never too old to care,     2   PEOPLE ON THE MOVE
                                   having come out of retirement to     4   BUSINESS NEWS
                                   work in his rewarding role.
                                                               10    FINANCIAL MATTERS – Urgent business rates reform
                                   DIPLOMA MERIT                     critical for south west

                                                               12    GREEN BUSINESS – Big Sustainability Expo 2021
                                                               14    SPECIAL FEATURE – Care highlight
                                                               16    BOATING BUSINESS
                                                               18    LAW LINES – How should employers process the extra
        Inspire’s Advisory Manager, Jon
        Huggins is taking part in this                               bank holiday in 2022
        year’s Purbeck Marathon, raising                       20    THE VOICE
        money for Julia’s House Children’s
        Hospice.                                               21    NETWORK NEWS – Take advantage of hybrid events
        Having first got into trail running                    22    BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY AND SECURITY – What
        while living in Vancouver,                                   documents should you shred and why
        Canada, Jon has always wanted   Andrew Jerrard, a Solicitor in the
        to complete a trail marathon, so   commercial contracts team at   24   PROPERTY FOCUS
        jumped at the chance to take part   Southampton law firm Trethowans,   26   EDUCATION AND RECRUITMENT – Don’t delay
        in the 26.88 mile run, as part of the   has achieved a merit in the Oxford   securing your top talent!
        Purbeck Running Festival – taking   University Postgraduate Diploma
        place on 18th September.   in Intellectual Property Law and   30   VEHICLE SOLUTIONS
        To support him visit: Just Giving  Practice.

                                                               A BLUEPRINT FOR THE ‘GREAT RESET’

                                                               The timing of this book could not be more perfect. It’s a book
                                                               about hope and a call to action to make the world the kind of
                                                               place we want to live in.
                                                               Creating the World We Want to Live In challenges long-held
                                                               beliefs and ideologies about the way the world works and the
                                                               people in that world. Weaving together the latest well-being
                                                               science with accessible stories of hope, it offers a blueprint of
                                    VERTICAL BLINDS            what works to create flourishing lives and communities.
                                     ROLLER BLINDS             Creating the World We Want to Live In is both ambitious and
                                                               aspirational. It is an essential read for anyone involved in
                                   PERFECT FIT BLINDS          public policy and politics or who would simply like to help
                                        SHUTTERS               create positive change in the world, their institutions or
          MADE TO MEASURE   •   FREE FITTING   •   FREE DELIVERY  Creating the World We Want to Live In, by Bridget Grenville-
                                                               Cleave, Dóra Guðmundsdóttir, Felicia Huppert, Vanessa King,
                                                               David Roffey, Sue Roffey, Marten de Vries, costs £19.99 and is
                                                               published by Routledge.
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