Campaigner blasts beach-goers

Oly Rush on Bournemouth beach covered in rubbish
Oly Rush on Bournemouth beach covered in rubbish

An environmental campaigner has blasted people who left Bournemouth beach covered in rubbish.

Oly Rush visited the beach on Sunday evening and was appalled at the amount of plastics, beer cans and other detritus.

With hot weather predicted for the rest of the week he expects huge crowds again but is urging them to dispose of their litter.

Oly last year broke the world record for swimming around the Isle of Wight to raise awareness about pollution and this year he became the first person to swim around Grand Cayman.

He is now turning his Project Planet group of beach cleaners into a registered charity so he can devote more time to cleaning up the oceans.

He said: “I knew the beach would be a mess. The council cleans it all up in the morning so often people don’t get to see what it’s like after a hot day.

“But if more people see the mess they might think twice about leaving their rubbish behind.

“There are bins all the way along the promenade but still people just leave their waste on the sand.

“It doesn’t seem to matter how many signs there are – or awareness campaigns – some people don’t take any notice.

“But if you ask them to take their waste home and give them a bag, most people will do it – it just needs mild shaming.

“With a week of hot weather forecast, our beaches will be full and I’d urge everyone to dispose of their litter or take it home. Don’t be selfish.

“I am in the process of turning Project Planet into a registered charity so we can do more to help make our beaches and oceans cleaner.

“I want to get into schools to educate the children and also clear our coasts of plastic which can then be recycled. “


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