New hybrid charity volunteering group

3 young people set up New hybrid charity volunteering group in Bournemouth
3 young people set up New hybrid charity volunteering group in Bournemouth

Charities are facing increased pressure since covid and political challenges making services more in demand whilst volunteers are few and far between. This new group aims to overcome some of the hurdles that prevent young people from volunteering, making it accessible to all with a hybrid between virtual volunteering and traditional face-to-face activities.

The group will operate online as well as in-person, so it covid-safe and convenient for all. It is specifically aimed at young people aged 16-30 who are interested in helping their local community with volunteering and fundraising projects.

Fresh Charity supports young people with volunteering, mentoring and training opportunities and has projects in the UK and overseas including placements at Pause Cat Cafe where the charity is based.

Mylie Neall, 22 and Chloe Fenner, 23 have recently been employed by Fresh Charity under the government’s kickstart scheme, which aims to supercharge young careers. Setting up the project with them is Jess Ogden, 23, Welfare Manager for Pause Cat Cafe.

Training Coordinator at Fresh Charity, Mylie Neall says “We are so excited to get this opportunity to make a positive difference in our community and give other young people the chance to grow and blossom.”

The goal is to inspire young people to help others, creating a sense of fulfilment that helps them see beyond their own struggles. Charities are doing their best to respond to the needs of the community but Mylie, Chloe and Jess have heard that volunteers and funds are in short supply. That’s why they decided to set up this group.

Patsy from The Dorset Children’s Foundation says “We are in desperate need of volunteers. As we are a small charity that is constantly evolving, we are trying to fill the gaps with wonderful volunteers. This project is great because it has given us a base to recruit from. The individuals we have encountered are professional, hardworking and very keen. It is so refreshing to have people who really want to help and because of this go above and beyond. It has also been beneficial to ensure that our main causes of the amazing children and their fantastic families can be celebrated. Fresh Charity reached out to the Dorset Children’s Foundation in our hour of need. For that we are truly grateful for this opportunity and their kindness too. Super excited for the future of both the Charities.”

The first meeting will be an introduction as well as a chance for attendees to discuss types of volunteering they are interested in, causes they want to support and how often they would like to meet. Future meetings will invite charities to showcase their work in person or via video call.

Diversity and inclusivity are priorities for Fresh Charity and the group will be open to everyone aged 16-30 including people with disabilities or mental health struggles. Offering virtual attendance to meetings and online volunteering options adapts to the new covid landscape as well as enabling those with physical, practical or economic challenges to get involved more easily.

The volunteering group will be supported by the Rotary Club of Westbourne and is a collaboration with Rotaract; the young person's offshoot of Rotary.

The first meeting will run from 6 to 7pm on Thursday the 19th of May 2022 at Pause Cat Cafe and participants will also be able to attend online via Miscrosoft Teams. 

For more information on how to join email or visit

Charities wishing to promote their projects to the group are encouraged to get in touch via the Fresh Charity website.


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