CBI responds to GCSE results day

Alissa Dhaliwal, CBI Head of Skills, said:
“Students receiving their GCSE results should be immensely proud of the hard work they have put into their studies. The resilience young people have shown throughout the pandemic is highly valued by employers.
“Regardless of their results, there are great options for students to pursue in education, vocational training and employment. Whatever route they choose, developing skills like communication, creativity and teamwork will help them to thrive. Employers stand ready to offer support through Kickstart placements, apprenticeships and T Levels.”
On the widening attainment gap, Alissa said:
“Ensuring young people from all backgrounds can fulfil their potential in education is crucial to securing a more inclusive economy. We can’t allow the pandemic to worsen existing inequalities.
“Employers want diverse workforces which reflect the talent they know exists in all corners of society. Firms will continue playing their part by working closely with schools and investing in young people from all walks life."
On STEM subject uptake, Alissa said:
“With STEM subjects only increasing in importance as digitisation and automation transform work, it’s great to see an uptick in the number of students studying physics, chemistry and biology. This will help young people and businesses keep at pace with the fast-changing needs of our economy.”
On the number of entries for arts and design, Alissa said:
“A balanced curriculum is valued by employers, so they will be pleased to see more pupils studying arts and design. These subjects help foster skills like creativity and strong communication which are vital to succeeding at work.”

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