Advanced infection control

Hygenex hand sanitiser
Hygenex hand sanitiser

Advanced Hygenex infection control products used in hospitals and care homes are now available for dentists, schools, colleges, universities and beauty clinics.

Healthcare professionals around the globe already depend on the trusted Hygenex brand with its wide range of infection control solutions. They include:

  • the UK’s first 100% organic and fully biodegradable hygiene wipes that can be flushed, macerated or composted without harming the planet – Hygenex cleansing wipes pass all seven tests set by the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association (EDANA) and the International Nonwovens and Disposables Association (INDA)
  • Hygenex Recoat Antimicrobial Coating System – a spray-on coating that protects surfaces for up to six months against bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19
  • hand sanitiser to protect users against Covid-19 and other infections
  • medical pulp products – including BioCommode, a fully self-supporting medical bedpan that needs no plastic support…so it can be fully macerated, improving infection control.

Now the Hygenex brand has been launched as a separate company in its own right, enabling a wider range of users to gain access to its infection control solutions. Dentists, schools, colleges, universities and beauty clinics will be among the first offered the new advanced products.

Hygenex Marketing Director Zoe Allen said: “Care professionals will continue to benefit from specialised products that are powerful, simple to use and easy to dispose of – even in domestic settings.

“Dentists can now access advanced hospital-grade technology and innovation – safeguarding patients and staff and offering exceptional timesaving and efficiency benefits. It’s perfect for practices wishing to set the very highest standards.

“Schools, colleges and universities can protect students and staff with a range of products designed to kill viruses long after application. Education professionals can keep their learning environments safe, fresh and presentable while making budgets stretch further.

“Health and beauty professionals can make their clinics safe with elite infection control products, internationally trusted by the medical industry. They will be able to prepare treatment areas quickly, easily and to standards above and beyond the industry benchmark – providing an unshakeable approach to infection control that can be trusted by therapists and clients alike.”

The new Hygenex company will continue to be backed by DDC Dolphin, a global leader in the manufacture of sluice room equipment including medical pulp macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors and incontinence product macerators.

DDC Dolphin has three decades of experience providing a full range of infection control solutions to frontline healthcare and social care environments including hospitals, care homes, sheltered accommodation and domiciliary care.



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