Glass act as Krysteline expands at new HQ

Stephen Deller, Centre Manager at Ocean Village Innovation Centre, Southampton.
Stephen Deller, Centre Manager at Ocean Village Innovation Centre, Southampton.

The only recycling equipment company in the world active on all five continents is growing its new headquarters in Southampton.

Krysteline Technologies, which specialises in glass recycling systems, moved to Ocean Village Innovation Centre (OVIC).

Currently employing a mix of engineers, designers, sales and administration, the business relocated to the serviced offices hub from Three-Legged Cross, East Dorset.

International contracts being rolled could see Krysteline increase staff numbers at OVIC to nearly 30 over the coming year.

Also planned is an increase in the global sales distributor network for its entire range of equipment.

Steve Whettingsteel, Managing Director and Group Chief Executive, established Krysteline nearly 23 years ago and pioneered its patented technology.

His technology is designed to target the 60% of the world’s glass currently not being recycled.

Further investment has seen the glass processing technology re-engineered for use in the recovery of precious metals from slags from the smelting industry or incineration, as well as size reduction of minerals and ores and even seashells.

Krysteline has production facilities in Bridport, West Dorset - equipment, designed with 3D software, is shipped in standard sea containers to minimise costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Steve said: “As the new administrative centre for Krysteline, OVIC is much closer to home for me and there is a large pool of employment talent in Southampton to draw upon, including from the two universities.

“We are looking to grow the team here to upwards of 30 people and, ideally, they will be living locally so they can walk or cycle into the office or use public transport.

“The business centre also provides us with flexible and adaptable space – we can scale up without having to waste time and money in securing other workspace within the city.

“To happily add to the workload here, Krysteline will also be increasing the global sales distributor network – distributors and sales agents under the Krysteline Technologies brand are key to success.”

The company supplies, installs and maintains its patented technology across the world.

Steve added: “Continuous investment at Krysteline in R&D has resulted in the emergence of new technologies which focus on process efficiency and enhancing the value of its recycled products.

“The recent introduction of the highly innovative Pyro Drier is testament to this investment. Its introduction offers the potential for all glass to be fully refined no matter its size or contamination.

“This technology adds credibility to Krysteline’s belief that the cost-effective recovery of all glass collected, no matter its collection method, is realistic and achievable.

“In summary, we are dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of glass recycling for countries, from South America to India, with many significant contracts for delivery in 2021.”

As part of its international work, the company has provided its technology to the British Antarctic Survey - the fifth and most challenging continent where its technology is operated.

OVIC, which has 30,000 sq ft of serviced offices space and meeting rooms, is run by Oxford Innovation, the UK’s leading operator of Innovation Centres.

Stephen Deller, OVIC’s Centre Manager, said: “Krysteline is an inspirational example of a home-grown technology company which is helping nations recover and reuse glass in closed loop recycling to significantly reduce carbon emissions and unsustainable landfill.

“Like other companies based here at OVIC, in what we call our business ecosystem, Krysteline is connecting with fellow occupiers.

“For example, the company is drawing upon the marketing services of Mitchell & Stones and is in talks with DFS Composites, a contractor to the global wind turbine industry, to see what commercial opportunities can be realised through collaboration.”

Occupiers at OVIC, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, also benefit from complimentary business support through in-house Innovation Director Monika Dabrowska.
Monika helps entrepreneurs with one-to-one mentoring, workshops, seminars, programmes, funding and, with the universities of Southampton, Solent and Portsmouth, and Fareham College, knowledge transfers through internships.


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