Solicitor qualifies as a notary public

Dispute resolution solicitor at Steele Raymond LLP, Alice Toop, has qualified as a notary public, one of only 775 in England & Wales.
Dispute resolution solicitor at Steele Raymond LLP, Alice Toop, has qualified as a notary public, one of only 775 in England & Wales.

South coast law firm Steele Raymond is delighted to announce that Alice Toop, a solicitor in its Top-Tier Dispute Resolution team, has qualified as a notary public after two years of intensive study and exams at University College London.

Notaries are the oldest and smallest branch of the legal profession – there are approximately 775 notaries in England & Wales. Notarial appointments are made by The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who have recently confirmed Alice’s appointment. A notary public is an entirely separate legal profession to that of a solicitor and Alice’s two roles are distinct and subject to separate rules, regulations and requirements.  

Alice’s appointment boosts the range of services that Steele Raymond can offer commercial firms engaged in international trade as well as private clients with overseas document requirements.   

Having qualified as a notary public, Alice is a highly specialist lawyer who holds an internationally recognised public office. Alice will be facilitating international transactions by producing notarial acts which will be relied on by foreign authorities and trading partners throughout the world. Alice can also advise on and arrange for UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, consular and embassy documentation.

Speaking on her appointment, Alice said:

“I am thrilled to have qualified as a notary public. This enables me to expand on the fantastic service that I strive to provide to our clients. I have noticed that there is an increasing demand for specialist advice on meeting foreign legal requirements and I am looking forward to assisting existing and new clients with their personal and business affairs abroad.”

Tim Stone, Chairman at Steele Raymond, said:

“We are delighted that Alice has qualified as a notary public. Steele Raymond handles an increasing amount of cross-border and international work and Alice’s appointment as a notary public enables the firm to provide a comprehensive notarial service for international transactions.

“There are only a handful of notaries in the local area and the additional specialist and international services that Alice can provide will be extremely useful to existing and new clients.

“Alice’s appointment very much supports our delivery of first-class legal services of the highest calibre to our clients.”

If you would like to discuss your requirements for notarial services, please contact Alice Toop on 01202 294566

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