Dorset Chamber reaction to furlough scheme extension

Ian Girling - Dorset Chamber chief executive
Ian Girling - Dorset Chamber chief executive

Ian Girling, chief executive of the Dorset Chamber, said: “The Chancellor’s extension of the furlough scheme is welcome and gives some reassurance to those businesses facing a tough winter.

“It also highlights the concerns that the Government has about the economy and adds to the financial burden the UK will have to carry for many years to come.

“There is still a great deal of uncertainty and a varied picture exists across different sectors of the economy.

“Clearly some businesses are in distress and have been severely restricted in the way they operate. However, other sectors are feeling less affected and have reported more positive trading conditions.

“It is important that support is directed where it is most needed and is commensurate with the impact that a business is experiencing rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

“The Dorset Chamber will issue further information about the new measures as they become clear. Help and support also remains available for all businesses through the Dorset Gateway scheme.”


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