Small businesses respond to latest Rishi Sunak measures: "Double of nothing is still nothing"

Small businesses respond to latest Rishi Sunak measures: "Double of nothing is still nothing"
Small businesses respond to latest Rishi Sunak measures: "Double of nothing is still nothing"

Judi Williams, founder of the Southampton-based executive coaching company, Great Beginnings: “For me, it is the same as before, namely it doesn’t help me one bit. There has quite literally been nothing in the Chancellor's ‘unprecedented levels of support’ for small limited company directors who work from home, pay all their taxes, outgoings, suppliers and staff, and then take dividends for themselves on which they pay their tax when and if they are lucky enough to make a profit. So for me, it’s just more disappointment and one step closer to giving up."

Noel Hutchinson, director of the Poole-based powerboat experience firm, Get Lost Sailing: "Whether or not businesses are in Tier 1, 2 or 3, they are all being massively affected by the virus. A hospitality and tourism business such as ours depends on out-of-town visitors and these people are no longer travelling. We are currently Tier 1 and so are not receiving any support. Our bookings have slowed massively. It would be better for our industry if the whole country was locked down at once and every business in receipt of a fair proportion of the support packages."

Paula Gardner, director of The Redundancy Recovery Hub, an online resource helping people going through redundancy: “All help is good at the moment but I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at the inclusion of Local Authorities in the new schemes. Where are they going to find the manpower to vet applicants and distribute the monies? I’m sure that anyone who has ever been on hold for 20 minutes to check why their bins haven’t been collected will surely feel the same.”

Liz Barclay, CEO at “The increased generosity of the scheme announced today - particularly the doubling of freelance grants - is welcome, particularly for those hit hardest as they look ahead to a difficult Christmas and winter period. However, now is not the time to say what is and is not a "viable job", especially given that it is the Government restrictions that are making some jobs - and businesses - unviable in the current climate. We propose the Government looks to international examples which, in some cases may not be as generous, do offer a longer period of job protection giving workers and businesses greater certainty."

Rachel Hayward, managing director of the business bids and tenders specialist, Ask the Chameleon: “For the millions of small business owners who continue to fall through every crack going, double of nothing is still nothing.”


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