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Vicky Hart-Edwards
Vicky Hart-Edwards

A new Head of Operations and Experience at Not Just Travel will see the multi-award winning company strengthen their position as ‘best in class.’
Vicky Hart-Edwards joins the fast-growing team based at Aviation Business Park in Christchurch, bringing a wealth of experience with her from her 16+ years in the travel industry; previously she has worked with The Global Travel Group and Triton Rooms.

Vicky has been hired by travel supremo Not Just Travel to grow the operations section of the business, making sure it is ready for further growth and is class leading. Tasked with creating the best customer and consultant experience on the market, Vicky will be in charge of all day-to-day running of Operations and Experience at Not Just Travel; including overseeing support for both customers and Travel Consultants.

Co-founders Steve Witt and Paul Harrison welcomed Vicky into their travel family last week. They said: “We’re moving forward to be the best in class at what we do, we believe the experience that our customers get, needs to be second to none, which is why we have introduced this new role as 'Head of Experience'. At Not Just Travel we are creating a whole new experience for customers and Travel Consultants – we are positioning ourselves as the number one, with an experience unlike anything you will get elsewhere.

That’s where Vicky comes in, she will be growing our Operations section and ensuring it is class leading. Vicky wanted a role where she could make a real difference to the experience – so it is a match made in heaven.”

Vicky said: “Not Just Travel always aims to be the best and provide the best experience for their team and customers. I was drawn to that ethos and mission to never rest on their laurels and to be the absolute best. I’m excited to be joining an already very successful company that wants to do even more for its customers ”

Since its launch, Not Just Travel has recruited more than 750 homeworking travel consultants and has just recorded its biggest month for commission in 2020. Recent developments include the launch of a new experienced travel agent arm of the business, a new ‘Pay As YouGrow’ option and partnership with mind and body coach Nic Wood to support Travel Consultants.

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