Electric vehicle charging points to become household 'necessity'

Drewlec electric car charging point installation
Drewlec electric car charging point installation

With the number of public electric car charging points growing in 2019 by 60%, it’s clear that electric cars are on the rise and here to stay. But can adding a charging point to your home actually make you money?

A study by Co-op Insurance revealed that nearly a third of respondents believed properties without a facility to charge an electric car will less valuable in the future. In light of this new research, Drewlec, part of the Bournemouth-based Drewitt Group, is preparing for the growth of its electric vehicle charging point installation service.

The news comes as the automotive industry faces economic challenges as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the electric vehicle market is expected to weather the storm in the coming months and continue to grow.
Drewlec launched its new service in 2019 and has recently been approved as an authorised installer of electric vehicle charging points by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Richard Drewitt, managing director of Drewlec commented: “The UK government continues to invest in its efforts to create a zero-emission future. It’s not surprising, but still great to see, that electric vehicles are becoming an even more popular choice for people looking to buy a new car.

“We appreciate that the move from traditional petrol or diesel vehicles can be daunting and therefore our teams are dedicated to helping clients through this decision and the installation process. We’ve already worked with a number of local clients to install electric vehicle charging points at home, as well as guiding several business clients in installing sockets at their premises. As an OLEV approved installer, we are also able to apply for government grants for the charging points on behalf of clients.”

Research released by Co-op Insurance noted that the technology was quickly becoming a “must have” for house buyers and, as the property market enters a period of uncertainty, Drewlec recommends the installation of electric vehicle charging points to futureproof a property’s value.

Richard said: “There are many varieties of electric vehicle charging points and choosing the right charging point for your driving needs is important in ensuring your day to day requirements are met. However, it is also worth considering that the electric vehicle charging point will be likely to add value to your home in years to come and therefore selecting a unit that suits the property should also be kept in mind.”

The increasing demand in home installations matches that seen in businesses. Richard commented: “Business owners are beginning to invest in electric vehicle charging points to not only retain value in their owned premises but also to ensure parking facilities meet the growing requirements from staff and visitors.  

“In a fast-developing market, Drewlec can give impartial advice on all options available and provide the right solution for you without being tied to one manufacturer.”

Drewlec has launched a dedicated webpage for the installation of electric vehicle charging points to funnel demand and provide customers with the correct information they require.

Please visit drewittgroup.co.uk/electrical-services for more information on Drewlec and electrical vehicle charging point installations.


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