The Big Sustainability Expo - Tuesday 8th October

Doors open soon on the 4th The Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton) 2019
Doors open soon on the 4th The Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton) 2019

'The Business' magazine talks to Lynda Daniels, Director of The Southern Sustainability Partnership

As the doors open on the 4th The Big Sustainability Expo (Southampton) 2019 on the 8th October we reflect on another exciting lineup of exhibitors and presenters.

As well as the even greater number of delegates who will be arriving on the day as this important topic rises to the top of the agenda for organisations who understand, no matter their size, that this will future-proof their activities going forward.  

With greater transparency right across the supply chain, it is no longer an issue that any organisation can afford to ignore. The same importance is given to corporate sustainability, environmental management and social value today as good quality products and great customer service.

So, we  urge businesses of all size to join us and take advantage of everything the day has to offer - as well as free entry and parking.

Let me share with you some of the highlights;

•    80 Exhibitions stands will feature products, technologies, services and expertise
•    Try before you buy Electric Vehicles with test drives
•    Eco Coffee Lounge

Keynote Speaker Lineup in the 2019 Keynote Speaker Theatre

Hosted by Creative Discipline's owner Adrian Hopper

•    Simon Ellin, CEO of The Recycling Association
•    Nigel Ponsford, Key Account Management (Water) from Source for Business
•    Mark Sait, CEO of Save Money Cut Carbon
•    Dominic Tantram, Founding Partner of Corporate Sustainability Company Terrafiniti
•    Martin Baxter, Director of Policy for the Institue of Environmental Management and Assessment - IEMA
•    David Jones, owner of Just One Ocean
•    Anna Willetts, Junior Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management - CIWM

LearnZone Programme of Free Workshops

Hosted by team member, Penny Mills topics include;

•    Creating Value through Environmental and Energy Management
•    Meet the Corporate Sustainability Professional - Lunchtime Session
•    Embedding Sustainability Within your Organisation
•    Staff Engagement and Accreditations (Thinking Globally, Acting Locally) Sustainable Development Goals 1-6
•    Innovation Technology and Funding (Clean Growth UK- Making Global Goals, Local Business) Sustainable Development Goals 7-9
•    Energy Revolution - On-site, Off-Grid (What is possible) Sustainable Development Goals 10-12
•    Ambassadors of Social Change - Time for Action Q&A Sustainability Panel - Conclusions: Sustainable Development Goals 13-17
•    Mandatory Carbon and Energy Reporting Demystified
•    Exploring the Business Case for Sustainability
•    Sustainability - Key Challenges to Implementation

NEW for 2019 is the Thought Leaders Hubs

Energy Thought Leaders Hub Topics include;

•    Life after ESOS What will you do?
•    Embracing a Low Carbon Future: Future-Proof your Business with Zero Carbon, 100% renewable electricity
•    Energy Management
•    Renewable Energy

Waste Thought Leaders Hub Topics in association with the Chartered Institute for Wastes Management (CIWM)

•    Public Security in Bins and Skips
•    Tackling Food Waste Issues
•    Legislation around ERP and plastics is evolving and the data requirements more onerous.
•    Measuring and Communicating Business Impact: Data reporting and the importance of clear measures / KPIs


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