Locals express concerns over Corallian Energy Oil Rig

Locals express concerns over Corallian Energy Oil Rig
Locals express concerns over Corallian Energy Oil Rig

With the news that Corallian Energy will be drilling for oil between two of Britain’s most famous coastal landmarks, Old Harry Rocks and The Isle of Wight, key business owners and members of the Bournemouth community have expressed their concern.

The campaign group Save Our Shores Bournemouth announced that 6,700 tonnes of chemicals will be discharged into the sea during the government-approved project which not only poses a threat to both the coast and marine life but also presents an eyesore for Britain’s best beach.  

In 2015, conservative MPs rejected the proposed plans for an offshore wind farm, Navitus Bay, located 10KM South of Dorset over concerns about the project’s visual impact.

Here, Bournemouth business owners and members of the community share their views:

Olivia O’Sullivan – General Manager at The Green House Hotel, Bournemouth
“I am incredulous that this is being allowed when the Navitus bay wind farm was refused in 2015. The oil rig is more of an eyesore and will have such a terrible impact on the environment. Nearly 7,000 tons of chemicals will be released when the sea bed is drilled. Our UNESCO heritage site will certainly be challenged.  It’s time to stand against this as a community for the sake of our economy, environment and our children.  Oil rigs and seaside holiday resorts do not go hand in hand.”

Cheryl Hadland – Managing Director at Tops Days Nursery, UK
“Since the oil rig arrived, we know of dead dog fish arriving on the shore, two the first day, five the second, which is something we never normally see. I hate to think what all those chemicals are doing to our fish life, shell fish, and underwater environment, not forgetting that fish and shellfish are part of the human food chain for many, so locals are going to be eating those chemicals if any of the fish in the area survive.  And spare a thought for my local scuba diving friends and tourists who have been visiting the area to admire the marine life and underwater wrecks – but now they won’t be if the rig chemicals are killing the fish off, which will impact the tourist industry!  I would like to see what evidence has been presented whereby all those tonnes of chemicals have been declared safe, as it clearly isn’t.”

Chris Rigby – Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Christchurch Green Party
“The drilling for oil by Corallian puts our entire coast at risk, besides the potential for a spill, which would be an environmental disaster. There is the known impact on local marine populations from disturbance to the seabed and discharge of chemicals including biocides. In 2019 we should be making positive steps to move away from carbon-based energy supplies and moving towards renewable energy generation, not continuing our reliance on fossil fuels which are accelerating us towards climate catastrophe.”

Andrew Woodland - Chairman Bournemouth and Poole Tourism Management Board
“It is obviously a concern that the rig has been allowed to be positioned in such a naturally beautiful location. Many hoteliers have commented that their guests have reacted negatively to the possibility of drilling being a regular occurrence as one of Bournemouth and Poole’s USPs is the unadulterated horizon from Old Harry Rock to the Needles.”


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