SMS Group partners with Mechanica Utilities

Southampton-based SMS Group partners with Mechanica Utilities
Southampton-based SMS Group partners with Mechanica Utilities

Southampton Marine Services (SMS) has partnered with a mechanical and electrical expert to provide tailored diving services to the utilities sector.
The SMS Group, the South's leading ship repairer and marine engineering services provider, has linked up with Dover-based Mechanica Utilities, They will provide diving services and sub-surface engineering support to major utilities companies and their sub-contractors.

SMS has built a reputation as specialists in ship repair, marine engineering and major fabrication projects in the commercial marine, defence and superyachts sectors.
The business also operates, in-house, a diving and sub-surface marine engineering division.
John Webb, head of diving and the general manager at SMS's Dover facility, said: "This partnership comes on the back of some fairly unique diving and sub-surface engineering projects.

"We've supported major works at Dungeness, major works in Ramsgate, and numerous projects for the likes of Veolia and various cross-Channel operators."
He added: "Specifically with regards to the utilities sector we've direct experience of tank inspections, outfall inspections, value renewals, pure water and black water diving, penstock and culvert inspections and surveys, eel screen inspections, and civil support works."

James Horsham, managing director of Mechancia Utilities, said: "As Mechancia has grown so too have our customers' expectations.
"We're often asked if we can support diving or sub-surface works and with our newly formed alliance with SMS the answer is now 'yes'.
"Many of our customers demand turn-key, all-encompassing solutions so to bring both diving and underwater engineering under one roof is a great place for Mechancia to be."
He added: "We've a longstanding relationship with John and his team.
"This opportunity to work together is both very exciting and hopefully mutually beneficial.
"Over the coming months we look forward to taking this new offering to our customer base and we look forward to working with John and the SMS team well into the future."

SMS, based at Ocean Quay in Southampton, is an expert in marine and sub-surface engineering, whilst Mechancia Utilities is the definitive M&E provider to the utilities sector across southern England.

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