New eco-friendly trading estate for Poole

CFA Trading plan new eco-friendly trading estate for Poole
CFA Trading plan new eco-friendly trading estate for Poole

CFA Trading (based in Poole), is one of Europe’s top IT refurbishment companies and are already helping to reduce the electronic waste in the UK, by repairing, auditing and erasing all data from laptops and PC’s and giving them a new lease of life and helping to keep them in the consumer market place. The UK produces 2 million tonnes of electronic waste per year, current estimates put the Global figure of e-waste at approx. 50 million tonnes.

The idea behind the new eco-trading estate is to help increase the renewable energy produced by CFA and to help with the challenges of reversing, or slowing climate change.

Leon Lindblad, CFA Founder says, “As part of CFA’s mission to further its own environmental credentials and to encourage other businesses to change their own processes, CFA is currently designing Dorset’s most eco-friendly trading estate, which they are hoping to start building in 2019.

We want to attract like-minded businesses who are also doing good”

The new trading estate will include:

•    12-14 x 1000-1500 square foot warehouses with a further 250 panels on the roofs, along with battery system for storing energy from the solar panels and voltage regulator to make our use of energy more efficient

•    Planting trees around the entire border of the site to help with reducing CO2

•    Creating communal and green picnic and eating areas

•    Living walls in the warehouses are also being explored

•    Installing another 50KW solar panel system on the main warehouse and solar on all the new warehouses

•    Installing Ultra efficient and 0 CO2 infrared heating in the warehouses if requested by tenants

•    Installing wall batteries for storing electricity on existing buildings

•    Installing Electric charging points for vehicles

•    Ensure that all the warehouses have highly insulated cladding

•    Design and build a bespoke recycling POD. Solar powered. Will feature a cardboard compactor, a plastic compactor and a food waste compartment. This will be used by all companies on the site


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