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Elisabeth Pollard, Partner, Shentons.

Adapting to Hybrid Working in 24 hours

It has never been more important for businesses from all sectors to work with an I.T. support partner who is reliable, efficient, and understanding.

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Businesses called upon to protect national water supplies

South East businesses are being urged to play their part in the battle against needless water wastage following the imposition of drought measures by two of the UK's largest water companies. Measures being advised include switching from flushing urinals to waterless urinals, saving hundreds of thousands of litres of water per year in businesses with more than one urinal.

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Simon Rowland, Head of the Construction and Engineering at Transatlantic law firm Womble Bond Dickinson

The building blocks for eco friendly homes - are they stacking up in the UK leadership debate?

With the political leadership race now well and truly underway, recent climate events have undoubtably put the issue of global warming under the spotlight for voters - both in the UK public and government alike.

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Mark Christie of Clarke Willmott

The challenges of rising labour costs and inflation in construction

With UK inflation having risen above 9 per cent, it would be short-sighted not to predict that this is likely to cause significant issues for construction projects that are currently live and planned over the next few years.

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Summer holidays make you more vulnerable to cyber criminals, expert warns

Summer holidaymakers sharing highlights from their travels with friends and family on social media are putting themselves at risk - an expert from cyber security firm CSS Assure has warned.

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Hannah-Jane Dobbie, who is Head of HR Consultancy at Azets, says a growing number of firms are being taken to employment tribunals by emboldened employees, often for spurious reasons

Costs warning over tribunals surge

Businesses are being warned to ensure their human resources processes are watertight or face expensive consequences. This follows a recent explosion in the number of people taking their employers to employment tribunals.

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Workers need protection in soaring temperatures

Workers need protection in soaring temperatures

As record breaking heatwave hits UK, we need a maximum working temperature, says GMB Union. Workers need protection in soaring temperatures, GMB Union has warned.

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Oly Rush on Bournemouth beach covered in rubbish

Campaigner blasts beach-goers

An environmental campaigner has blasted people who left Bournemouth beach covered in rubbish. Oly Rush visited the beach on Sunday evening and was appalled at the amount of plastics, beer cans and other detritus.

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Dorset Chamber chief executive Ian Girling

Boris Johnson resignation - Dorset Chamber reaction

Dorset Chamber chief executive Ian Girling said: "It is clear that Boris Johnson's position had become untenable.

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Lee Merrifield, Underwriting and Credit Manager at MSP Capital, says the homes we live in will increasingly be constructed off-site as investors and developers seek to balance spiralling costs with net zero ambitions.

Modular housing set for boost as build costs soar, says property finance lender

The homes we live in will increasingly be constructed off-site as investors and developers seek to balance spiralling costs with net zero ambitions. That is the forecast from property finance specialist MSP Capital as the real estate sector addresses record inflation coupled with tighter energy efficiency standards. Experts at the Poole-based lender predict a growing role for modular assembly methods as a cheaper, greener alternative to on-site construction.

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Long COVID expert Dr Clare Rayner

Long COVID and mental health "most critical" issues for workplace health

With the NHS under continuing pressure, occupational health experts have called on businesses to rethink how they tackle Long COVID and mental health issues in the workplace.

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Dr Jayne Moore, President, Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM)

English businesses "wasteful" with ineffective workplace health initiatives

Businesses must urgently shift away from a reactive "DIY" culture when it comes to workplace health and seek expert occupational health guidance to avoid wasting time and resources, according to a new survey.

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