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ADVICE ON LEASES: Caroline Doman, Partner and Head of Residential Property at Blanchards Bailey

Lease extension opportunity for flat-owners

A downturn in property values could benefit flat-owning tenants wishing to extend their leases, says a specialist at award-winning law firm Blanchards Bailey LLP. Caroline Doman, Partner and Head of Residential Property, anticipates that the cost of lease extensions could well reduce commensurately with expected decreases in property prices during the current lockdown.

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Bournemouth's longest-established law firm has announced a new acquisition and expansion of services

Rawlins Davy has acquired the specialist practice of Caro Taylor in a move that took less than four months to complete and gives the firm a presence in Poole town centre for the first time. It means the company which is based in Richmond Hill, will now be able to offer a wide range of Family Law services to complement its existing expertise.

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Rayner Grice

Helping separated parents access their children during lockdown

Distressed parents whose legal rights around access to their children were not settled before the lockdown began are being urged to think creatively about their current options, because legal decisions on most cases will be delayed when normality resumes, according to a family law expert.

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Easter Eggs and thank you discount for NHS staff

NHS staff can get a 25% discount on legal fees at Coles Miller Solicitors as a "Thank You" for all their heroic work.

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Ben Jones

COVID-19 protection for tenants

Property litigation specialist Ben Jones, Senior Associate, Litigation & Disputes, at award-winning Dorset law firm Blanchards Bailey LLP has welcomed Government action to protect both private tenants and landlords during the Covid-19 emergency. New legislation means that UK residential tenants who miss rent payments due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic are to be protected from eviction for at least three months.

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Lester Aldridge team offer virtual consultations during lockdown

Virtual consultations during lockdown

Local law firm Lester Aldridge is offering virtual consultations via Skype and Zoom, during this time of uncertainty.

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Edward O

Sound advice for businesses in difficult times

Employment specialist Edward O'Brien has issued guidance to employers regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Edward, Associate at award-winning Dorset law firm Blanchards Bailey LLP, said: "The government announced on Friday that it will be putting in place several measures to help businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic.

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Chris Longbottom

Separated couples urged not to take advantage of new Covid visiting rules

The new Covid-19 lockdown advice concerning separated families should not be used to prevent a child from having contact with another parent, says family law specialist Chris Longbottom.

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Kate Brooks - Ellis Jones Solicitors

Regional law firm urges safety first in coronavirus action plans

Ellis Jones urges safety first in coronavirus action plans Lawyers have urged firms to put 'safety first' for workers with tailored plans to deal with the rapidly evolving coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus: Is your business immune?

Coronavirus: Is your business immune?

The outbreak of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19 continues to pose a significant threat to businesses in the UK. The impact on supply chains, transport and international travel is causing businesses to consider the impact of coronavirus on their current or future contractual agreements. Here Julie Hunter a commercial solicitor at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, discusses why it's important for businesses to understand their legal rights and obligations in light of this global pandemic.

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Charlotte Lowley

Adverse weather highlights importance of Force Majeure

Following the latest storm to hit the UK many businesses are feeling the strain of performing under agreed contracts. Not only could this have the potential for breach of contract claims but also cause significant problems with trade and ability to manage cash flow. So, is there anything that can be done to allocate risk during extreme adverse weather conditions?

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Partner Lauren Day, left, with wife Rebecca on their wedding day

Ellis Jones celebrates LGBT+ diversity

A regional law firm which launched one of the region's first same-sex legal services has celebrated LGBT+ History Month.

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