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Susan Hall

Could GDPR be basis for challenging A-level results scandal

Students challenging their A-level results could use a provision in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to argue the Government's marking system was unlawful. Many A-level students, who were unable to sit their exams this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, feel their results were unjustly downgraded by an automatic system which uses an algorithm which profiles students, taking into account their geographical location and their school's historic grades.

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Ian Cowan

Hospitality industry may suffer if it makes changes without permission…

The rush to make the most of the Eat Out Help Out scheme could land some hospitality outlets in trouble, a leading North East solicitor has warned. Hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants are working hard to try and claw back some of the income they lost during lockdown, while also having to deal with the challenge of lower numbers of customers because of social distancing. But according to commercial property lawyer, Ian Cowan, of Sunderland law firm Richard Reed, hospitality operators need to be aware that any changes they make to use outside spaces could have consequences. "Some establishments have rushed to make changes in time for Eat Out Help Out, without considering all the regulations and long-term implications," said Ian.

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Jane Eldridge, Head of Human Resources at Dorset law firm Blanchards Bailey LLP

Law firm's warning to businesses over HR challenges

Influential law firm Blanchards Bailey LLP has warned employers that they must meet staffing challenges head on or face consequences that may damage their businesses further down the line. The advice comes at a critical time for businesses which must deal with the easing of Covid-19 lockdown regulations and face an associated host of complex human resources (HR) issues surrounding health and safety, furlough and redundancy.

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TV AD: Hybrid Legal’s Ryan Lisk, founder, and director Alan Reid.

Sky's the limit as Hybrid Legal tunes in to TV advertising

A business law firm in the South is among 250 firms in the UK to benefit from targeted TV advertising supported by Sky Media. In a boost to small-to-medium enterprises during the Covid-19 crisis, the advertising sales arm of broadcaster Sky has invested £2.5 million in its SME 250 Support Scheme.

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Amy Peacey

Expert lawyer supports consultation to tackle dairy sector supply chains

A consultation seeking to end any unfair practices across the UK's dairy sector has been praised by a leading lawyer who works closely with farmers. The consultation, launched by Government on 24 June, is seeking views from dairy farmers and processors on whether future regulation could be used to strengthen fairness and transparency in the industry.

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Rayner Grice

The importance of planning in a family business

An expert divorce lawyer has stressed the importance of planning in family businesses following a case in which divorce proceedings impacted on the stability of the business and put the whole family at risk of financial ruin. A recent judgement by Robert Peel QC at the High Court brought the importance of planning into stark contrast when both parties in the case were left vulnerable with only modest assets and income.

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Garry Lee - Chair R3 Southern  Thames Valley Committee

New hope for struggling firms after Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act becomes law

Businesses in Hampshire struggling due to the current coronavirus pandemic are being offered a substantial lifeline with one of the largest shake-ups of insolvency laws in nearly 20 years.

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Lindsay Felstead

Solicitors appointed to multi million pound housing panel

Clarke Willmott LLP has been appointed to serve on a panel of leading housing specialist law firms as part of a £15 million legal services framework agreement. The firm is among a group of law firms named by the Central Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC), which supports housing providers and local authorities to ensure they can provide the best service to their residents.

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Martin Palmer

Make sure your legal affairs are in order with free online hub

National law firm Clarke Willmott LLP has launched a suite of free online tools to help businesses and individuals prioritise and stay on top of their legal affairs. The CW Legal Hub aims to help users understand what their legal obligations are and the options available to them when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones.

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ADVICE ON LEASES: Caroline Doman, Partner and Head of Residential Property at Blanchards Bailey

Lease extension opportunity for flat-owners

A downturn in property values could benefit flat-owning tenants wishing to extend their leases, says a specialist at award-winning law firm Blanchards Bailey LLP. Caroline Doman, Partner and Head of Residential Property, anticipates that the cost of lease extensions could well reduce commensurately with expected decreases in property prices during the current lockdown.

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Bournemouth's longest-established law firm has announced a new acquisition and expansion of services

Rawlins Davy has acquired the specialist practice of Caro Taylor in a move that took less than four months to complete and gives the firm a presence in Poole town centre for the first time. It means the company which is based in Richmond Hill, will now be able to offer a wide range of Family Law services to complement its existing expertise.

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Rayner Grice

Helping separated parents access their children during lockdown

Distressed parents whose legal rights around access to their children were not settled before the lockdown began are being urged to think creatively about their current options, because legal decisions on most cases will be delayed when normality resumes, according to a family law expert.

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