Mailing your leaflet with The Business magazine provides an ideal method of targeted distribution saving on postage and increasing market penetration.

The cost is dependent upon the physical weight of your leaflet. If it is A4 or smaller and printed on paper rather than card we have a special offer rate:

In addition we will include 100 words + picture within the main pages of the magazine.

Loose Insertions

(Prices per 1,000)
0 - 10 grams: £80
11 - 20 grams: £95
21 - 30 grams: £120

For quotes on other literature / weights please forward a sample to the address below:

The Business
The Independent Magazine

9 Gainsborough Road
Ashley Heath
BH24 2HY

To have Your Newsletter stitched into the centre of the magazine, contact us for details here.

Inserts Special Offer

3,000 leaflets, each physically weighing up to 10 grams, can be mailed with the magazine to named business contacts for a cost of £200+VAT (invoiced on publication).

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