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Technology licensing - things to consider

Technology licensing by David Ashplant, Partner, Lester Aldridge

If you are considering licensing your technology here are some things to be thinking about: Exclusivity - your licensee is likely to want exclusivity as he will be investing in production and selling. In which countries will you give him exclusivity and are there customers in those markets you would still want to be able to sell to?

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Kay Levene

Surge in divorce enquiries after the festive period

Dorset and Somerset solicitors firm, Humphries Kirk, has witnessed a surge in divorce enquiries in January following the festive period. The number of people contacting the firm's family law solicitors has risen and national trends reflect this. Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics claim that 42 per cent of all marriages end in divorce.

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Dan Thompson, Personal Injury Partner

Don't let the weather cause you winter woes

During the winter months we experience many varieties of weather; from the extremes of snow and ice on a crisp clear morning, to warmer weather with stormy rain and gale-force winds. The risk of injuries significantly increases during winter months, and here Dan Thompson, Personal Injury Partner at Hampshire based law firm Warner Goodman LLP, explains who is most at risk from the adverse weather and how injuries can easily be avoided with proper care and attention.

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Christmas Works Party: Do

When employees take the festive fun too far...

The Christmas adverts are on the telly, lists of 'must-have' presents are being compiled and carols accompany shoppers on their travails, but as the works Christmas party looms, it is important organisations don't get too caught up in the festive spirit. Abigail Halcarz, employment lawyer at leading UK law firm SGH Martineau warns: "Whilst no-one wants to play the Grinch, it is worth reminding organisations that the Christmas party is essentially just an extension of the workplace; employers should be prepared in advance and protect themselves from unnecessary employment issues following the event.

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