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Sam Miles, Family Partner

Straight talking protects family business

A businessman is facing a hearing in the Supreme Court to answer claims that he misrepresented the value of his company to cheat his ex-wife out of millions in their divorce settlement. Sam Miles, Family Partner at Hampshire based law firm Warner Goodman LLP, explains here that carving up a family business for a divorce settlement can spell disaster for the company, and the best option is to plan ahead rather than resort to crisis management.

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One-stop shop legal event at Wareham Town Hall

Humphries Kirk, one of Dorset's leading law firms, is hosting a one-stop shop legal event for local people on Thursday November 6, at Wareham Town Hall.

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Too tattooed to work?  By Jemma Pugh, Lester Aldridge LLP

Too tattooed to work? By Jemma Pugh, Lester Aldridge LLP

With one in five Britons now having an inked masterpiece on their skin, it's no surprise that tattoos are making their mark on the workplace. Employees are widely reporting feeling "discriminated" against because of their body art and many job applicants are feeling "victimised" because of their tattoos. Can you discriminate at the recruitment stage though? Is it even discrimination if the candidate ticks all the right boxes, but you turn them down because they have a tattoo?

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Mark of excellence: Nigel Smith, Managing Partner, Ellis Jones Solicitors (left) and David Walton, Partner, celebrate the firm

Ellis Jones re-accredited with coveted conveyancing standard

A DORSET law firm has been re-accredited to the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) regarded as the mark of excellence for the home buying process. Ellis Jones Solicitors is one of 2,909 practices across England and Wales to receive the coveted standard.

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